If nothing moves, you may be standing still.
We move!
Funds@Work AG in Frankfurt / Kronberg
After 8 years in Frankfurt, we moved our office to Kronberg:
Almost all people who have been to Frankfurt, know Kronberg for its spectacular view of Frankfurt, the fresh air and scenery, the great castles, restaurants and hotels. Known for our anticyclical behaviour and being different we double our office space in times of crisis and hire bright people to take us to the next level.
 What´s a better incentive for us than to move to Kronberg and work in a building that offers a great view of Frankfurt, the Taunus, and beautiful Victoria Park. A building that is close to the airport and to down town Frankfurt, that offers the latest standards in technology and now sufficient room to further develop our organization.
 Being different for us means consistently applying this philosophy to all the areas in which we are active, even when it comes to moving to a new place. We look forward to seeing you in Kronberg soon, our office is 2 minutes by walk from the train station and can now be more easily accessed from the airport than previously the city centre of Frankfurt. Several parking lots, specifically arranged for our guests, make life even  easier. So we continue to innovate and hope that our new setting will be much more conducive for great ideas which are needed to drive innovation.
Our new contact details are:

Funds@Work AG
Bleichstr. 5
61476 Kronberg
Tel.: 06173 / 702765-0